Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara

What comes to your mind when you heard of the word "Ayam Dara" for the first time?

Virgin Chicken? How do you determine whether a chicken is "virgin" or "lost its virginity"? Check the *ahem ahem* or *censored* perhaps? =P

This question was pondering in my mind for quite some time, and earlier today, I finally dropped by the so famous and well known "Ayam Dara" store near my college to do some coverage for our dearest VeryLapar fans, to share some enlightenment with everyone :D

That explains it. 
PS: For those who don't understand Malay, it means "Chicken Little marinated with  Original Spice Dough", literally. Just joking. The more appropriate translation would be "Small Chicken marinated with Original Spice Recipe". 

I marched to the ordering/food preparation counter and placed my order, the only item on MY list - NASI KUKUS AYAM DARA! The food was served in less than 5 minutes.

I noticed the photo doesn't look as tempting as it should be after taking a few shots of it due to the over-sized plate which makes photography difficult with my Sony Ericson K750i, hence I followed up with a few close up shots.

In your plate, you will have a big piece of chicken (either wings + breast/ribs or thigh)

Nicely fried with some secret recipe spice they used to marinate the chicken, of which the only spice I can manage to deduce with my 5 cents taste buds is tumeric, or what was commonly known as kunyit. The moment you put your 2 rows of teeth together, the juice from the meat will instantly spurt all over your taste buds and oral cavity. 

The texture of the meat was good, like eating cotton candy or sponge cake, and the skin was fried to the crispiness close to a biscuit. The bones was so crunchy that I actually ate EVERYTHING, no bones left behind. I think the song "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" best describes the orgasmic sensation of this platter (I don't know how it relates, but oh well..).

The steamed rice, perfectly cooked that every piece of rice has expanded to the level where the texture is so loose that it melts on your tongue once they are in contact. With the special Curry Santan sauce on the rice that looks spicy but instead adding a layer of sweet flavour to the rice, and the warm steam puffing out of the rice when you spread it open with your silverware, this, I would say, is the most perfectly cooked rice I ever ate. 

Unlike the Chinese style chicken rice which often served with a bowl of soup to cool your body down after a heavy dish, Malay cuisine chicken rice operates the other way round, serving you a nice bowl of sup tulang - boil cooked for the whole day to extract all the essence from the beef and bones, with the bitterness and slight saltiness of the soup, adding some bonus points to the dish. Instead of having the Chinese soup to neutralise the taste of the chicken rice, sup tulang ridiculously maximises the savory level of the food.

Last but not least, the missing flavour from the food - Spicy and Sour. Few piece of cucumber to to cool down your body (I doubt it makes any difference to the nutritional composition, but it does taste good to have something cold on top of your tongue after a series of hot delicacy delivered down your throat), belacan and limau for personal preference flavouring.

After 15 minutes of glutton action, this is what was left behind.

Empty plates, no bones, all chewed and swallowed. The juices in the bones just make you wanna eat it all. YES, the BONES.

I took a picture of the tray of hot, fresh fried chicken too :D

Now, the question of fact. How much is the effing tempting, alluring and enticing Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara, especially when it is located in KL area. 

*Drumrolls, orchestra, brass band, wind band, Greenday, Radiohead, Queen, Beatles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Michael Jackson, Club hitz and all kinds of introduction musics for about 30 minutes*

Jeng Jeng Jeng! 

RM6.00 only!!! *Not including drinks.

SO, if you want to try out this very special Virgin Chicken Rice, do drop by the college which I'm currently studying in - ATC and look for a bugger named Aaric Iskandar and I'll bring you around.
PS: Reminds me of you when I see this dish, Erna XD Tee hee~

Mama Family Catering
G.23 Sudut Selera, 
Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, KL.
Puan Zainap @ +6013 361 8078


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